Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

Kalimah Allah

People talk about this kalimah everyday. Radio, newspapers, talks, sermon, bloggs, magazines, cafes and gossips are now concentrating on this issue. To me I have a list of my sincere thots.....

1. Take it positively, maybe many people will find the true meaning of Allah as Muslims believe in.

2. Strange but true, the govenment could have settled the issue by just one call to the jugde.... This is the verdict....Just DO IT. And all be settled. But why didn't they do such thing?

3. The appeal court was not immediately sought after to change the verdict.... unlike the Perak case.

4. Some parties are trying to squeeze "profitable mileage" from this issue but it turns out to be BAD..

5. We Malaysians do not need such trivial matter to stir hatred among the citizens. Such thing is not good for everything - be it economics, peace, social and so on...

6. We should pay more attention to raising cost of living, poor people, unemployment rate and other social problems in Malaysia.

7. People are now MORE INTELLIGENT to be outsmarted with such thing-to provoke mindsets.

8. Is the govenment trying to divert our attention to declining.......and raising.......

9. We must collaborate to settle this problem.... or is it?


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