Ahad, 7 Februari 2010


My daughter decided to go to boarding school, kopak RM750.00
Students found bullying younger kids – kicked out of hostel, FOREVER.
My new house is almost complete, No CF yet, cost me RM181,000
Makcik X was terminated from her job, due to age factor – No more RM450 every month.
My neighborf still kept his “getah buku” , in a makeshift behind OUR house, a very stinky one –kids lost appetite !
A lot of work to be done in SPLIT SECONDS
My African student is a challenge...... barely speaks English
Could not find “Madu Tualang” for Resdong....... STILL LOOKING.
Sports practice is a breeze, kids are HEAVY.... could not RUN....
My Arab friends are still looking for a driver, for their wives to Ipoh.
Mushabi was dismissed for his low CGPA, tho’ he got exuses- health.
My son is now Imam 1 in his school.
My son has completed and passed his Tahfiz test.
People don’t care about political issues- more into rising prices of goods.
The value of money IS DECREASING......
People are not concerned about who is the RIGHT MB!
Maher Zain is a famous singer that my kids love so much.....

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