Khamis, 1 Januari 2009


Do you know anyone who works at District Office? At Land Office ? Ever asked or found out about their collection of properties (lands, bungalow lots, palm oil estates etc)? I happen to know a few. I am amazed that with their meager income ( mind you they are only staffs not officers ) how can they own a few land titles - mostly vacant house lots, stretches of sawit planted lands and luxurious bungalows. My salary is five times higher than theirs, but I am still struggling to provide a good shelter for my family, and have just paid off a long seven-year Bank Rakyat loan to help me finance a one acre durian orchard for my weekend getaway when I retire. This is not a classic example of jealousy....... Another mind-boggling fact is everytime I talk about certain lands or housing areas with them, they would just 'naturally' admit I have one lot there' or another nauseatting reply of ' my wife's land is there too' or a polite nod of approval ' I know the place, my uncle (read 'crony') has a corner lot there'.... and the list goes on and on.... Have you heard of lands in Kayan? Teluk Senangin? Lambor Kiri? or any clustered lands in Perak? and countless other lands that could have been yours and mine but they are gone, often for good.

Picture unemployed husband (actively involved in UMNO of course!) whose wife is just a staff at land office can afford to build a sprawling bungalow on a corner lot ...CASH! Another man is a non-graduate teacher whose wife is a clerk at the 'goldmine' who sold a land they 'got' in Kayan and built a house of course at a corner lot too. Another 'achievement' story is a big house owned by a staff (again!) , with a decoration of a chandelier worth RM8,000 (8K) is left unoccupied...the owners? they are probably residing in a much bigger castle. Friends, should we resign and apply a position at the nearest land/district office? But, do you think we would manage to get as rich? Do we have any more lands left in Perak? I used to hear jokes that if you have sons or daughters, marry them off to anyone working at land/district office! Never mind if he/she is only a janitor...the future is always brighter than a lawyer's or doctor's, let alone government servants. Go to, you can see the price of lands at Teluk Senangin. A vacant lot is more than 100K - they (the goldminers) paid a premium of mere RM8000, maybe less. Only 'those people' linked to 'those chanels' have the access to the information unthinkable to the 'outsiders' like you and me. Kesian......Cobaan.... and padan muke kiteeeeeeee...................

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