Jumaat, 20 Mac 2009


A very good day I bid to all of you.

My sincere apologies for being late due to the traffic congestion on my way to this magnificent hall of Changkat Jering. I hope all of you are in the pink of health. As a glokal citizen we must maintain a healthy lifestyle. We must stop eating "pickled fish" in Malay, "ikan pekasam" and alligator's eyes, or petai which are not good for a glokal citizen. As you all know the indexes of Dow Jones today has plunged a rock bottom and Nikkei also shows similar results. So, we Malaysians have to brace ourselves to face the impact of the downfalls.

You all know that we, the National Front party always put our priority to the people. We always take care of you. We spent billions of ringgit to upgrade the educational system, the hospitals, the roads and the list goes on. You can see even now we call all contractors to this place to pave roads top Bukit Gantang, to Changkat Ibol and even to Kampong Paya. The Taiping Hospital will be upgraded in a week or two. A new MRSM and Community College will be built at Sungai Tinggi and Air Kuning respectively.

Trust me, I know we can bring changes to you. We have even changed the minds of your ADUN's lately and they are very happy with us, and you should also be with us. Forget the "genuaks", "talang dried fish", "setang shoots", "beko shoots" and many other traditional delicacies. Change them to burgers, MacD, Hot Dog, Pizza, Cappuccino, Fish and Chip, Cole Slaw, Big Mac and many other western food to modernize you. We can change this Bukit Gantang to Bukit Bintang, Paya Nibung to Sapphire Street or yet we can have Broadway Street at Taiping Lake, to ensure those transitives to have a proper infamous place.

So ladies and gentlemen, I hope we will see again and adios.

2 ulasan:

  1. hehhe anything just say it... we UMNO, will give anything u want since PRK period, this is not bribe we call it politic money only.... Please dont be noty-noty and derhake to SULTAN, GOD will punish u all.. SALeM!

  2. Ha ha, this guy is nuts ! He believes that UMNO is the Superior in the world. He forgets that Allah will help those who show justice and countless efforts for novelty and rights !