Rabu, 18 Februari 2009


I heard they want to dissolve the Dewan Negeri. I heard some people might step down. I heard Nizar will make a comeback. I heard things will be back to normal. Are you sure ? Who are they ? When ? Why ? How true ? Things are becoming blur and complicated. Since the 'fall of a great leader' people start to THINK. They want CHANGE. People begin to stand up. They go against everyone, including their King ! When I read the unofficial "guestbook" I was dumbfounded, flabbergasted, SHOCKED ! A notorious educationist here said, " If you do such a thing to the King, you will be cursed, for life " in her farewell speech in front of confused children. Nevertheless, ikan bilis remains RM25 per kilo, ikan kembung is still RM9, the poor are still poor, the beggars are still roaming the night markets to get our spare change and the kids are still crying to get their toys.... And I am still hoping for a change......

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