Isnin, 9 Februari 2009

Why I Despise UMNO .....FOREVER....

I grew up in an UMNO supporting family. A generation who believes that ONLY UMNO and Barisan can withhold righteousness and upbringing of Malays and Islam, but I started to have a second thought about UMNO when things started to go haywire. I want to illustrate some examples from my hometown where BN and UMNO supporters are neighbours, colleagues, friends and “jemaah” (we go to the same mosques). I am a firm believer that equality is essential to maintain peace and stability. When equality is raped, people will start to brave against the flow.

There are some people who rob (and they still do) other people’s rights. I happen to know a lot of poor people who have to struggle to make ends meet. They work 8 hours a day to earn RM500 or less a month working at UTP as cleaners, gardeners, and canteen helpers. There are also makciks and pakciks who maintain schools and UiTM’s at RM600 per month. These old people come from Lambor, Teluk Kepayang, Seputih, Titi Gantung and other surrounding villages. Believe it or not, they are hardcore UMNO supporters. But they only get kain batik, kain pelikat, a trip to Puterajaya, a RM50 per-vote during election, annual jamuan raya and other small stuff by their beloved ‘santa claus’ wakil rakyat.

Let me introduce you to some small time BN leaders and supporters and “workers” who make a lot by robbing poor people’s rights. Haji Fxxxx Haji Dxxxx is a retired government officer. His wife is a graduate teacher teaching in Perak. His house is a double storey in a Taman. He is blessed with rich father who passed down lands for his children. This Tuan Haji received a 5 acre palm oil plantation from YB Zaim as a token of his support in BN and UMNO. Does he REALLY deserve the land ? How about the makciks and pakciks from Lambor and Ekor Bota? Don’t they also deserve the land? Or do they know about it ?

Another person, Cxx Rx Kxxx, the rightman for YB Nasarudin who has a lot of lands, palm oil plantations, and a Sungai Perak sand dredging plant. He sells abundant of sand from Sungai Perak since many years ago. He has his sons to manage it, let alone employing locals if to say that he is helping others. Driving around in his 4X4 among his other collection of cars while the makciks and pakciks are struggling to earn a few ringgits.

How about this, a retired Ustaz Wxxxx, a strongman for YB Zaim and YB Nasaruddin . Ask how many lots of land he owns. How much money that he took from people’s pockets. He is retired and he receives monthly pension but still he wants more.

Look at Tuan Haji Axxxxx, a retired headmaster who is also a strongman in BN/UMNO. He also gets plots of palm oils that I believe he DOES NOT DESERVE. He lives in a bungalow, receiving pension, driving around his 4X4 to inspect his farms.

Mister Rxxxxx Nxxxxxx is one of the final candidates for YB in the last election. He lives in a huge bungalow in a Taman which was built without any loan, CASH. Ask him how many plots of land he owns. Which lots did he sell to pay for his bungalow ? He drives around in his car, jobless liar but rich. (p/s: I AM one of his VICTIMS)

Haji Mxxx is a teacher and a strongman for YB Nasaruddin and is a senior teacher in a school somewhere in Perak. He lives in a bungalow driving a V6 to school everyday. Ask him how many Felcra lands that he got from those YB’s.

An ex-YB who lives in a sprawling mansion near Seri Iskandar drives around in his Perdana who smiles and chuckles when he passes his palm oils plantations, his durian orchards, his cattle ranch and so on. His frequent visits to Indonesia are not cheap, and of course his pensions as a teacher and a YB can’t cover them all.

I believe that these people are just a few of the people who are lucky to support BN/UMNO and get their fat share for their efforts. BUT DO THEY REALLY DESERVE THOSE LANDS ?

For you out there, who still believe that UMNO is protecting the poors, you are wrong. THEY ROB THE POORS. They don’t get their money from selling the palm oils and distribute the money among the poor. NO WAY ! Makciks from Padang Marhom do not know that they can also get the lands as well, NO, THEY DESERVE MORE of those lands. I know a makcik who had to sell her land including the house she was living in to tread their final days on this earth along with her sick husband.

The makciks and pakciks don’t have children who are doctor, teacher, engineer or businessmen. They just want to survive in this expensive country. They also want to live in a comfortable homes, they also want to eat ikan jenahak or ikan senangin. Even a kilo of ikan bilis is way off their grocery list.

If you don’t believe me, go to UTP, go to UITM, go to KPM. There you will see the makciks cutting the grass, pakciks watering the plants, kakaks serving food or cleaning plates and look at how they squeeze themselves in a van ferrying them to and from work. Look at their sad faces. TALK TO THEM .From their looks we can see how tired they are. They only want to pay for their children at SMK Lambor, to feed their sick mothers, to care for their live-in grandchildren.

I hope if you read this, please THINK AGAIN. They have been lying to you. They hide the actual facts. They just want MORE from the poor.
If you happen to know any UMNO members who live cosily, don’t hesitate to ASK THEM. Who knows you can continue the list of MALAYSIAN MOST WANTED above.

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